Store 1

Store 1 Storefront

5130 S. Ft. Apache #285
Las Vegas, NV, 89148
Phone: 702-367-0755

Store 2

Store 2 Storefront

520 S. Marks St. #130
Henderson, NV 89014
Phone: 702-242-6642

Store 3

Store 3 Storefront

7950 W. Tropical Pkwy #120
Las Vegas, NV 89149
Phone: 702-722-6642

Clearance Center

Clearance Center Storefront

3157 W. Post Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
Phone: 702-701-8600

Open Fridays & Saturdays from 10am-6pm
We buy comics! Call to arrange an appointment.

About MaximuM Comics

MaximuM Comics is a multi-location retail store operating in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and is the largest comic book chain in the state.

We love comic books, and so in 2007 we opened our first little shop in Las Vegas, Nevada with a clear purpose and vision: to share our love of comic books in a space that is warm, welcoming, and well-organized with a great selection of comic books, collectibles and pop culture merchandise.

Through fun community activities and lots of store parties, signings and events, the name MaximuM Comics began to spread. In 2010 we opened our second location in Henderson, Nevada and followed that success up with our spacious flagship location, Store 3, located in northwest Las Vegas.

The Clearance Center is our newest physical location, conveniently located in the center of Vegas. Along with a retail storefront featuring reduced-price clearance items, it is also where we buy back issues, collections, and collectibles.

We host gaming tournaments several nights a week at two locations, and hold in-store family-friendly events periodically throughout the year, including our biennial Halloween costume party!